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This is where the magic begins, where the foundation to building your cracker of an amazing house and the primer for putting on your makeup starts. I am here to help inject some social soul into your business.

I will give you consistent, creative, custom, planned and structured content with beautiful crisp imagery to match! All of a sudden…hey hey amazing social media with Social Soul.

As a business owner, you have a million things to do every day, and posting to your social media pages doesn’t have to be one of them.

Through my years of experience, I know that creating strategic content is important. Gone are the days of hustling for content. Time after time this does not cover your business objectives and in turn we lose sight of why we are playing this game in the first place.

Each of my social media packages includes research, hunting and gathering of information specific to your business, then tailoring it to fit your needs in the form of a strategic, monthly social media content plan. This takes the guess work out of the day to day and gives you the kick ass fully customised content you always dreamed of.

Managing your social media communities is an important part of this puzzle. Beaming your brand voice online, answering any questions, connecting with like-minded businesses as well as locations that may be popular to your demographic is super important.

Brand photography and custom graphics is the soul of your business. 99% of the time your customers will google you before they pick up the phone and call you. I am here to make their journey easy. Less clicks to get to your shopping cart.

Ever heard that old chestnut of like attracts like? Well it’s the same in the social media world but in the shape of influencer marketing. I create, activate and engage with influencers to spread the glorious word of your business. Like attracts like and all of a sudden, their friends are yours and the power of organic social media is ignited. Customers are telling each other about how good your brand is. You’re welcome.

It’s all in the data and monthly analytics. I provide you with the reports that track your growth, your strong points and your weaknesses. I then tailor these statistics into positive outcomes to achieve your social media greatness and increased numbers to your database.

I also manage high level personal LinkedIn accounts in the form of Chief Executives that have no time to be present in their platforms but want their personal voice to be heard among their peers. This in turn reaches your target demographics in a subtle but different way.

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