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I’m Hayley the driver of this ship and creative with I’m here to inject some Soul into your business and I come armed with 13+ years of brand management, digital marketing, social media and everything in between ‘typa’ experience.

I’ve worked on some of the biggest brands we’ve grown to love and have been sharing my experiences with businesses as a side gig for some time now, until now. Taking it one step further to create a little sumthin sumthin more legit of my own, welcoming Social Soul into the world.

I understand the importance of breathing life into your business as I am also the proud owner of soy candle business Hayley Kate #babylightmyfire

I understand your need to be different in order to have cut through in an already busy market. Time after time people say to me, why are you making candles, there are so many brands on the market already? My response is always: No one can ever be me, there is room to co-exist andddd how many coffee shops are there? This is the Soul of your business, it’s that thing that sets you apart from the rest and injects the life you need in your business to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s put some Social Soul into your business!

Much love

Hayley xxx

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